I like web front-end using Java script, AJAX more than Flash/Flex. Although RIA technology is improved , I still love to direct code in HTML, CSS, and Java script. They allow me control the basic foundation stuff, so I can avoid lock-in framework.
I start to use GWT (Google Web Toolkit) from 1.5 and it helps me quick demo UI layout and idea. I like to write a road map to explain how I learn.


Manning- GWT in action

Prentice Hall- Google Web Toolkit application

Apress- Accelerated GWT, Building Enterprise Google Web Toolkit Applications

Useful link:

1. GWT website

2. Born to code

3. GWTSite

4. GWT Widget Library


1. Restlet ported to GWT !

2. RESTful Client-Side tools for GWT

3. Build a dynamic organization tree using GWT and RESTful Web services