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You can undertake application integration at different levels: database (for example, DB2), messaging level (for example, MQ Series), or distributed application level (for example, Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition). These technologies successfully bridge the integration gap between applications, but not typically across networks. So here I would like to introduce a way for integration is database and web services.

Most modern database has offered function to let user can access database via web services in-out.

1. IBM DB2

Web Services: Minding Your Business

DB2 Web Services

Web Services: The New Web Paradigm-part 1

Web Services: The New Web Paradigm-part 2

Web Services the Easy Way-part 3

2. Oracle

Using Oracle9iAS Web Services with Stored Procedures

3. Microsoft SQL server

SQL Server Web Services

Build Data-Driven Web Services with Updated XML Support for SQL Server