Our user said he open a Crystal Report via web pages and sometimes it showed 404 error page with out of memory exception. I investigated it, and I found other threads worked fine at back-end JBoss. Also when user clicked other pages no problem. I even though debugged the Crystal Report with Servlet back and forth, but I still can’t figure out. Until I found this article:

MSDN: Understanding and Solving Internet Explorer Leak Patterns

So, What is IE Memory Leak?

To begin with let me clarify that memory leaks are not restricted to Internet Explorer but it can happen in any browser. We are talking primarily about IE as over the course of my time, I have found it to cause this issue more often than any other browser. Memory leak is a condition where your web application keeps consuming more and more memory as you keep navigating or refreshing. This causes decrease in responsiveness of the application and in situations can crash the browser itself.

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