I see lots of annontations on Java application. Sometimes I wonder what is used for. So I decide to collect the resources as most as I can. (note: I just got news said Groovy 1.1 will support Annotations.)

1. Annotations at Java SE

An Introduction to Java Annotations

Java Tutorials – Annotations

Java SPEC – Annotations

JDBC 4.0 Enhancements in Java SE 6

Reading annotations at runtime

Java annotations make declarative programming easy

Inherited annotations in Java 

2. Annotations at Java EE 5.0

List of all Java EE 5 Annotations

Validate Java EE Annotations with Annotation Processors

New features added to Servlet 2.5

Simplify enterprise Java development with EJB 3.0, Part 1

Simplify enterprise Java development with EJB 3.0, Part 2

Web Services Made Easy with JAX-WS 2.0

JAX-WS Annotations

Using Annotations on the Java EE 5.0 Platform

3. Open source framework

JUnit Reloaded

An Introduction to Hibernate 3 Annotations

A Java configuration option for Spring

Aspect-Oriented Annotations

4. Code example