Last post I mentioned integration between ERP and your enterprise application. Sometimes you may need data warehouse to help you combine, transform and analysis data.

From ComputerWorld said “Companies know they have valuable data lying around throughout their networks that needs to be moved from one place to another—such as from one business application to another or to a data warehouse for analysis. The only problem is that the data lies in all sorts of heterogeneous systems, and therefore in all sorts of formats. ”

For instance, a CRM system may define a customer in one way, while a back-end accounting system may define the same customer differently. To solve the problem, companies use extract, transform and load (ETL) software, which includes reading data from its source, cleaning it up and formatting it uniformly, and then writing it to the target repository to be exploited. The data used in ETL processes can come from any source: a mainframe application, an ERP application, a CRM tool, a flat file, an Excel spreadsheet—even a message queue. ”


Extract, transform, load from Wikipedia

Open Source ETL (Extraction, Transform, Load) Written in Java