I read an article “Exploring the WebLogic Integration 8.1 RDBMS Event Generator” to describe how to use Weblogic Integration to perform the database trigger event. This is very similar our product.

Here is my recipe, for example you want to integrate purchase order from ERP.

1. Create the Insert/Update/Delete trigger on ERP database.

2. Each trigger will execute your command to send a HTTP GET message to integration program. For Microsoft SQL server, I use trigger + xp_cmdshell to send message to integration program. For Oracle I use trigger and execute procedure to call integration program.

3. The integration program will send well-format OAGIS XML message through JMS or Web Services to our MES application then its interfaces handle the message to convert it to object by JAXB. Finally ERP data loads into our MES application and sends the result back to ERP system.


Microsoft: xp_cmdsell

Oracle: calling java from Database trigger

BEA: Weblogic Integration

update: 07-19-2007

How to let xp_cmdshell access remote server