Recently my friend help his customer to build an E-Commerce web site but he is expert for web design not programmer. So he asked me to help. I chose LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) structure to create an E-Commerce. Here is some useful list.

1. Official PHP user manual

2. PHP Editor:

3. Dynamic image generation

4. Shopping cart

5. PHPBB tutorial

6. PHP and MySQL E-Commerce books

  • Web Database Application with PHP and MySQL, 2nd Edition
  • PHP & MySQL Web Development (3rd) — Laura Thomson/Luke Welling
  • PHP Developer’s Cookbook — Sterling Hughes/Avdrei Zmiersk
  • Beginning PHP & MySQL e-commerce from novice to professional (APress) — Cristian Darive/Mihai Rever

7. osCommerce – E-commerce framework

8. XOOP – eXtensible Object Oriented Portal System