1. Scrum and XP from the Trenches

Henrik Kniberg has put together a ninety page PDF called “Scrum and XP from the Trenches,” with Scrum described as “an agile method for project management” on Wikipedia (see “Scrum (management)” and “Scrum (development).”) This paper details what Mr. Kniberg found to work for him at his (unnamed) client, “the result of one year’s Scrum experimentation in a development team of approximately 40 people.”

2. How to talk to your Boss about Agile

More details (including the slides themselves, as a preview of what you are missing) are available.

3. Scrum CheckList

Update: 06-14-2007

I worked for the manufacture scheduler project and developed the e-Kanban for the inventory control. But I have never think we can use it on software development. That’s intelligent. Let’s see how to do it. Kanban in Action.

Update: 08-28-2007 

InfoQ Article: Lean Kanban Boards for Agile Tracking