Today’s big news on Java community is Sun open sources Java SE, ME, and Glassfish under GPLv2.
But you may ask Why GPL? Here are the quick review of their benefits:

  • Java becomes Linux friendly, and can now be shipped by default on GNU/Linux distro’s since it’s free.
  • Government-friendly. Foreign governments can now bet their infrastructures on Java without worrying about being dependent on proprietary, or US-owned intellectual propery (which could one day be embargoed), since Java’s license makes it completely free. Sun officials specifically named China and Brasil as examples of countries that have been lobbying Sun for open source Java. Even in the US, some projects won’t accept bids not built on open source software.
  • New technical use cases. Companies can now freely port Java to new hardware platforms & operating systems, and customized app-specific JVMs can also be created where needed – however due to the viral policies of GPL – all such ports must also be released as GPL which may limit such activities for commercial purposes since the ports could not be made proprietary.

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