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Opne Applications Group Integration

Today, more organizations than ever before are buying packaged software for their key business functions. The ERP, Supply Chain, Customer Relationship Management and vertical product offerings available today are rich in functionality and maturing quickly. As a result, organizations have more options and more functionality than ever before. This positive development is enabling organizations to improve their focus of using IT to support their organization’s operational and financial goals. However, there is still much more for organizations to do because the packaged software products must be integrated quickly with each other as well as with existing or legacy business applications before organizations can fully leverage the capabilities of these applications.

This white paper will describe the Open Applications Group work to achieve “Plug and Play” software integration. It will describe the background of the Open Applications Group as well as the goals and the vision of the Group to dramatically improve software integration and reduce costs while increasing the agility of organizations to react to changing business needs. It will also describe the best practices approach developed by the members and the compelling business value of working together to achieve “Plug and Play” integration of business software components.

Ref: oagi_white_paper.pdf

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