Expand reach to collaborative processes which are often paper or Excel-based and preceding or parallel to processes covered in back-end systems.

Business need
• Many users work based on paper, Excel, or mail
• Volatile processes which are not tracked (not measurable)
• Processes inside current systems are not flexible enough
• Implement new processes without upgrading the existing ones

• Build Packaged Composite Applications covering
• Use SOA for integrating with back-ends
• Use modeling to offer the flexibility needed

1. Composite Applications empower companies to drive innovative business processes leveraging existing IT investments.

2. Composite Application Frameworks (like SAP CAF) provide a methodology and toolset to efficiently develop and manage composite applications—following SOA principles.

3. Metadata-based modelling tools help developers to abstract from technologies, frameworks, and programming languages and at the same time improve flexibility, productivity, and quality.

Challenges and Solutions for Developing Composite Applications on the Java EE Platform